Jamie’s lifelong interest in learning about death culminated when she stumbled upon a Day of the Dead celebration in France in the late 90s. Seeing an entire village congregate in the cemetery, sharing memories, sorrows, and laughter, epitomized the idea that we can maintain meaningful connections with our dead. She came home with an even deeper desire to learn all she could about this tradition and the ways other cultures approach death. She went on to become a teacher and an event planner while fostering an informal education in death by reading voraciously on the subject. Since then, Jamie has completed her Certificate in Thanatology (the study of death, dying, and bereavement), and has also become co-host/facilitator of Death Café in Calgary with Janine Violini. She has worked with Janine on educating others on death literacy with the hopes that integrating death into our lives will encourage more meaningful living while reacquainting us with death.